Nickens Heritage Center





     Mission Statement
    - To preserve and exhibit both local and national African American heritage and culture.
    - To establish a local heritage center that can be utilized to conduct meetings and conferences as well as facilitate continual learning for all community members.

    The Nickens Heritage Center is located at 71 West Fourth Street, Chillicothe, Ohio  45601. This site is a historical landmark, built in 1854.

    Contact & Visitor Information
    Phone: 740-773-3644 or call 740-775-7866

    The Heritage Center is currently open by appointment.
    Admission is free
    Please allow two  hours for the tour.


     Freedom's Journey: The Underground Railroad   New Video:
                                                                                                                       Flight to Freedom


    Shackles worn by slaves in Georgia




    African American  Women in the Nineteenth Century


    A visit from Mrs. Nickens



    The African American Church in America




    Beverly J Gray, Director
    Linda Wilson Co-Director